12v Adaptors, Extension Cables Buying Guide

12V Adapters, Extension & Cables

KickAss’s new range of 12V adapters, extensions and cables make it easy to power any 12 Volt appliances with any connections from Anderson and Cigarette to Hella (Merit) and Alligator Clamps. Whether you need a double or even triple adapter, an extension lead or a regular 12V adapter this range will have you covered for almost any situation.

Unfamiliar with one or a few of these 12V power connections? Read below for a full run down on all 12V connections in our range.

Anderson Plugs

Andersen Plug

Anderson Power Plugs are a widely used 12V connection in 4WD, camping, boating and even industry applications. The major advantage of these connections is that they are both physically and electronically hermaphroditic meaning there is no risk of reverse polarity and each plug can be used as either male or female connections. The Anderson plugs in this range are rated to 50A so they are ready for high current applications for providing power to larger 12V appliances. This makes Anderson connections a safe, easy and reliable option when a strong connection counts.

Anderson Plugs are found on: Portable Dual Battery Systems & Portable Solar Panels.

Cigarette Style Plugs
12v Cigarette Plug
Cigarette Lighter power connectors are the classic 12V connection you will find in almost every vehicle. They are also the most common connection found on many 12V appliances. They provide a simple and effective connection in most situations but come into issues with contact stability in vibrating environments such as heavy 4WD’ing.

Cigarette Plugs are found on: Lighting & Portable Dual Battery Systems.

Hella Plug

Hella or Merit plugs are becoming a common 12V connection in many automotive vehicles and look very similar to cigarette plugs. Compared to regular cigarette plugs these provide a much more reliable physical connection so can be used in vibrating environments and are able to carry much higher currents meaning they can be used to provide power to larger 12 volt appliances.

Hella plugs are found on: Lighting & Portable Dual Battery Systems.

Alligator Clamps
Alligator Clips

Also known as Crocodile or Spring Clamps these simple devices provide an easy temporary electrical connection for a variety of 12V applications.

Alligator Clamps are found on:  Portable Solar Panels.

Ring Terminals
Ring Terminals

Ring terminals provide an easy way to create a semi-permanent electrical connection. Ring terminals fit over 12V battery terminals for a secure and reliable electrical connection. Adapters with ring terminals in our range enable you to easily power 12V appliances with other common 12V connections directly from a 12V battery. Ring Terminals can be attached to Deep Cycle AGM Batteries.



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