KickAss Battery Boxes, DC - DC Chargers And Battery Packs

Battery boxes have been around for years, with the main priority being the care and safety of the battery inside. The KickAss Battery Box is in a league of its own in today’s 12V Caravan, Camping and 4WD market. Not only does the KickAss Battery Box portability, ventilation and usability, it also keeps the battery (and wiring) protected and out of direct exposure to harsh Australian conditions.


The KickAss Battery Box is designed with you in mind, being easily relocatable, as well as having the option to be permanently fixed inside a vehicle or camper trailer.


With built in high grade marine Cigarette, Merit (Hella), USB and Anderson sockets, you can plug almost any 12V appliance or device in. The KickAss Battery Box also comes with a built in voltmeter so that you can safely monitor your batteries power levels, ensuring that you never get left with a flat battery and hot beers in the fridge!! Both your battery and 12V devices are protected by a 30A and a 50A automatic resettable circuit breaker, making the KickAss Portable Battery Box the ideal investment for first time and experienced campers.


This leads us to The Ultimate KickAss Battery Box...


The Ultimate KickAss Battery Box is a class above the rest. Fitted with a Projecta Intelli-charge DC-DC 12-24V 25A Charger, you can say goodbye to powered campsites and hello to free camping! The Projecta DC-DC Charger allows you to charge from either the vehicle's alternator or through the built in MPPT Solar Regulator. With two ways of charging your battery, it cannot get any easier to maintain your auxiliary battery.


Why not buy it in a kit with all of your other camping, caravan and 4WD needs... Complete 12 Volt Dual Battery System - KICKASS 240V Charger Included


Next we bring to you the KickAss 110AH WEATHERPROOF Battery Pack! If you have ever been stuck with a flat battery you will know how frustrating it is having to sit around waiting for RACQ for a jump start, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the KickAss 110AH Battery Pack. With spike protection and more than 1000 CCA to jump start most cars and 4WD’s, you will never be left stranded again.

Did we mention these bad boys are 100% Australian made?? With this great AUSSIE box you can safely power a 40L Fridge for up to 4 days. Like the KickAss Battery Box and the Ultimate KickAss Battery Box, the KickAss 110AH Battery Pack features USB charging, twin cigarette sockets and dual 50A anderson connectors (all of which high marine grade components). The KickAss 110AH Battery pack is also available with a DC-DC charger option.

For battery maintenance tips, check out Klaeton’s educational video.  

What is your battery system powering? We really want to see some inspo from your set up. Alternately, just drop us a line or review in the comments section below or on Facebook, we would love to hear your thoughts.