Light Up Your Life With A KickAss LED Lighting Kit

Camping lights have come a long way since the days of the old gas camping lanterns. There has been a wide range of 12v lighting released but did not have the life span of what we have now days. LED’s are a great new lighting source which have taken the worlds lighting by storm not just for camping but in our homes as well.

LED’s are a great way to supply brighter whiter light and will save you power at the same time. From 12v camping lights to 4wd lightbars. The best thing about having LED lighting over halogen bulbs is the lifespan of the LED - which is estimated to last up to 50,000hrs. That is 42 times longer lifespan than your standard halogen globes.  

LED’s also run a lot cooler than your typical incandescent or halogen globe. Meaning it greatly increases their lifespan and enables them to function correctly in cold climates. LED power consumption is the lowest when compared to all current lighting technology, meaning that your battery supply will not take a huge hit overnight when you are running your KickAss 12V LED Light Kit.


The draw rate is 75% less than a halogen globe which is great when you are running a 12v system powered by solar.



Most people are drawn to LED’s because of their durability and reliability. They are great for camping, fishing or even bike riding. They come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. You can have camping style bar light by itself, or run it in a series to light up your entire campsite.


We have tried to make it as easy and practicle as possible for you, with a wide range of useful LED lights.





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