Stay Clean With The KickAss Portable Shower & Water Storage

By Jay Customer Service and Product Expert for KickAss

Quick Read

Thinking about going bush or to the beach for the day? Do you hate the feeling of going to bed or hopping into the car sandy or dirty? Then why don’t you try the KickAss Portable Companion Shower!

The Kickass Portable Companion Shower is ideal for multiple uses - rinsing the sand off down at the beach, washing the dog, even watering the plants. It is very portable due to its lightweight design and rechargeability function (that’s right, no power cords!!). The pump is fully submersible meaning that you can chuck it straight into a bucket of water OR a portable water system.


As seen in Klaeton’s educational video, the water pressure is quite substantial with a constant flow of 2L per minute for up to 1 hour. The 2 meter hose allows you to sing and bust your best moves freely in the shower and once you’re all clean, simply plug it into to charge via USB and you will be on your way again.


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